Wee Bit O'Scotland - Your Celtic Connection

There is a lot more to Scotland than, as Roman soldier Bladdercus described in Blackadder Back and Forth, "a hord of ginger maniacs with wild goats nesting in their huge orange beards." Or, as his comrade Georgius exclaimed soon after: "a large orange hedge." You'll see this first hand if you purchase static caravans for sale fife before the summer. That's not to say that Scotland is not known for ginger hair, for example, look at Scotland football manager Gordon Strachan, Doctor Who's Karen Gillen and Leeds United footballer Ross McCormmack.

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But it is also a place of rich heritage, including Hadrian's Wall, where the above scene from Blackadder took place. When looking for caravans for sale in fife it is good to find a location which is nearby to such sites as the Wall and the other Roman era landmarks in the area. There is also a long line of Scots with technical expertise, such as John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell and Montgomery "Scotty" Scott from Star Trek. 

In fact, Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the Star Trek reboot movies, said with affection: "Scots are the first people to laugh at the fact that they drink and fight a bit." Indeed, Scots are well known for their sense of humour. Glaswegian comedien Kevin Bridges, for example, is an extremely big comedy prospect in Britain right now.

Many products are produced in Scotland from Celtic jewlery to musical instruments like the bagpipes, chanters, whistles and bodhrans. And what about their kilts made from sporrans, plaids, sgain and dubhs? Or their food and drink, from haggis and shortbread to real ale.

Literature is also a popular export which goes out from the Scottish shores. Robert Louis Stevenson, who began his adulthood training as an engineer, went on to write some of the world's most famous books, including Treasure Island and Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. Shakespeare's epic tragedy MacBeth, known as the "Scottish Play" is set in around the court of King Duncan of Scotland and tells the story of his murder at the hands of MacBeth, a once loyal soldier, blinded by ambition.

Visiting Scotland is an amazing experience. The mixture of culture and landscape makes for a perfect caravan holiday, where you can eat great foods, venture across the sublime mountains, hills and lakes and take home some brilliantly authentic souvenirs.